There are essential components that must come together like pieces of a puzzle to ensure a successfully styled Luxe Picnic.  Wonder & Whimsy is one of those pieces and we are loving our collaboration with other Kansas City event professionals. 


We are thrilled to be working with Kansas City's best grazer creators, Grazing KC.  Sarah, the owner of Grazing KC makes food look beautiful with astonishing edible art installations.   Her artfully designed food doesn't just look incredible.  It tastes incredible.  

And since we are going for over-the-top here we had to find the authority on creating   

IG-worthy tablescapes.  Enter, Good Stuff China.  Jami & Lynn of Good Stuff China bring their keen eye for design, and jaw-dropping ROYGBIV inventory with everything from colorful crystal goblets to vintage cutlery, and of course China.   


Collectively, we are here for you to create an experience that is authentic and memorable.  

Venue owners, if you have a beautiful backdrop to accompany our beautiful picnic offerings we would love to talk!