Frequently asked questions

How do I book a tipi or lounge?

It's always best to schedule a free consultation so we can go over everything and iron out the details. Based on our discussion, we will send you a proposal with a link for you to pay 50% down of a non-refundable deposit. Once we receive the deposit along with a signed rental contract, that secures your specific date of event. Please note, a proposal is only to be considered a quote and does NOT guarantee us to hold your specific date.

How long do we have the tipi for our event?

We are on-site 1-2 days before your event to build the tipi's. We will let you know once everything is up and ready for styling. The standard hire period is 48 hours.

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

Once we receive your deposit, we take our product out of inventory for your specificed date and are 100% commited to be available for your event. Based on that, we do require a 50% non-refundable deposit. However, we do understand that things come up, so we are committed to working with you on rescheduling your event for a later date.

In what type of weather can the tipi's host an event?

Being located in the Midwest, we certainly know that the only predictable thing about the weather is it's unpredictability. As with any good planning of holding an outdoor event, it is always recommended to have a location for a "plan b" in case of severe weather. Thankfully, however, due to the craftsmanship of our Kata Tipi's, they are built to withstand different weather conditions such as rain and snow. In fact, when rain has occured, people have mentioned that they loved hearing the pitter patter of the falling rain on the canvas. The tipi's are absolutely beautiful in the winter. Coupled with fireplaces or gas heating, our canvased tipi's are the perfect place for a cozy, bespoke wintertime event space.

How much space do I need for the tipi's?

The exact space required, depends on the number of tipi's that are needed. This also applies with how many tipi's you will need for your event. Let's set up a free consultation to further discuss your needs.

What type of site is needed for setting up the tipi?

There are many important factors that make the perfect site space. We do have a list of venues that we collaborate with that we can provide you with if you do not have your own site in mind. Things to consider are the following: - Does your site have easy access to 4WD vehicles? - Is the site well drainted and out of a flood zone area? - Is the site free from underground services such as cables, water pipes, etc. - How exposed is the site? Is there a protected site nearby that can serve as a "plan b" in case of severe weather? - Is the site ground level? If you should have further questions about if your potential site is suitable for a tipi event, please call us so we can set up a free consultation to go over things further.

What area's do you cover?

This is a great question, and if you are out of the Kansas City metro, let's set up a free consutlation so we can discuss possibilities of us traveling to you.

I am an event venue - how do I get on your list of perferred venue list?

We love meeting and working with new event venues. If you have a beautiful backdrop to accompany the tipi's and can accomodate events, we would love to speak with you. Please shoot us an e-mail or give us a call so we can discuss how to get on our list and vice versa.

What happens if something you rent gets damaged?

Unforutantely, accidents and damage can happen to our equipment. For this reason, we require that a 10% damage waiver fee is in place. Having this coverage up front, relieves both parties from having to deal with any unexpected surprises. The damage waiver covers typical things that may happen throughtout the course of your event (a spilled drink, snagged pillow, etc). The waiver does not cover excessive things like items that go missing, or if a guest slices open a chair while using a sabrage to open a bottle of champage (we've seen it). For instances of damage outside of covered damages, the client will be liable for that cost. You may consider securing insurance coverage through an insurance agent to further protect yourself.

What kind of Tipis are these?

Great question! The Kata Tipi is a modern design based on the Sami people from the Northern areas of Finland and Norway.