Tinsley $49.99/EA
This darling tent isn't just pretty to look at, she is also highly functioning and is UPF 50 (98% UV blockout). A wonderful addition to a luxe picnic.
In use: 6'H x 6' W x 6'D
Shady lady $24.99/EA
Our antique white umbrella has a 98% block out & UPF 50+ with 6' span. The pole is adjustable and tilts 180 degrees. The perfect addition to one of our luxe picnics!
Shepherd $9.99/EA
The ever so diverse Sheppard hook, use them as a cafe light holder, or plant holder Qty. 10 available
Charlotte $4.99/EA
Cute and quaint macrame stools
Qty. 2
Sioux $49.99
Marvelously macrame extra large plant holder or lighting fixture Qty. 1
Sally $9.99-$19.99/EA
Vintage Seashell decor or hanging lighting Qty. 3 (1 ft - 3 ft Long)
Palmer $9.99/EA
Beautifully black macrame table runners
Qty. 2
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